Welcome to the Art of Susan in Color!

“Susan Connelly McClelland’s work tends to evolve across a landscape of the abstract. Her recent works are almost topographic in their perceived three dimensionality. She creates with mixed media in a way that leaves her finished work screaming to be touched like polished stone!”

–Kim Snider, Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery, Kingsport, TN

Everyone has a story. My life contains the same triumphs and tragedies as countless others. As we pass through life , these events, no matter how painful or beautiful, form who we are. Most experiences we allow to drift by without much impact. Others become so ingrained, that they become part of who we are.

I consider myself very fortunate to have been born in a place and time that granted me the opportunity to pick and choose the experiences that I allow to form me. Being born in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains was probably my greatest stroke of luck. My childhood was spent exploring every creek, tree, creature and rock. My fascination with our connection to the earth was enhanced every time I pulled the white clay from the ground to create my crude, childish pots. Every rock I collected and examined drew me in. Every time I washed the red clay from my hands, the bond was strengthened and solidified.

I have also been fortunate to be able to travel and explore countless cities yet always return to the embrace of the hills I call home. Growing older has taught me to love the energy, variety, food, different cultures and view points found in most cities. Travel inspires me. 

I was born with a gift. From the time I was old enough to hold a pencil, I drew, I sculpted, I painted. At this point in my life I finally have a haven to bring all of these experiences into one space that I call In Color Studio. A place where I can create with abandon… an Atelier where I can create on my terms.

My art is a reflection of this collection that is my life. These are the parts of my vision I choose to put into 3 dimensional form for all to see. Enjoy!