Goodbye to “Opal Landscape”- Encaustic

It is with happiness and a touch of sadness that I announce the sale of “Opal Landscape”. One of my first attempts at a large Encaustic, this was one of those “OMG moments”. That moment when you finish a piece that is one step up from all the others before. This piece , after hours of studying the opal that inspired it, finally began to reflect what I saw. My layering technique closer to what I was striving for…the colors….almost perfect! The frame came from the house of a departed friend. When Katie called me to let me know the piece had sold, I felt a pang of loss. “Did it go to a home locally?” “Are they art lovers?” ….I asked and thought, respectively. I wanted to make sure it went to a good home. Am I the only Artist that feels this? Of course not, but when its yours, you want them to love it as much as only you do. Thanks to Katie Lipe at Weigand Fine Art and Furniture in Galax, VAopal-landscape