The Art of the Landscape

When I first got my studio built and had no more excuses, I began to finally paint from my heart. For years most of my work was for someone else…their colors, their dream, their home. While I am grateful and proud to have been a part of making so many people happy, I was finally free to release my happiness. Abstract ideas seem to flow most easily from me so I ran with it. I felt my work was unlike any other, unique and never attempted before. I rolled my nose up at the idea of doing a landscape. “So many people do that, I want to be different!” After our epic month long trip this past fall in the Yukon Territory I came home filled with images of some of the most beautiful landscapes I had ever seen. I just had to express this in a (gasp!) landscape painting. My first attempt was “Alpine Beauty I and II”. I was hooked. I have since done a series of landscapes based on the beautiful Winter Blue Detail Winter Bluesurrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. Here is my latest Encaustic…..”Winter Blue”