3 Exciting New Mixed Media Pieces

Just finished 3 really nice Mixed Media pieces. They are “Plume Agate I”, “Plume Agate II” and “Plume Agate III”. I have been working on a new process that is achieved by layering epoxy and oil paint. The result is a piece with incredible depth and detail. This process has helped to capture the intensity seen in the stones I work with. I invite people to get up close and really examine each of my pieces. I want them to enjoy exploring the details as much as I did. Two of the pieces have Enhanced frames meaning a frame that I added something to create harmony between the frame and the piece. These 3 new works with be unveiled on April 7th at Cindy Saadeh Fine Art Gallery in downtown Kingsport. They will be on display for the entire month of April along with 15 of my other works. Here’s a peek….”Plume Agate III” Detail…Plume Agate III Detail 2